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About OrderPoint

As Singapore is striving to be the Asia’s leading provider of world-class services, innovation and revolution should definitely start from the Food and Beverage sector which plays an important part in the service industry. As such, OrderPoint, a product of Singapore, is here to provide the best possible management solution for small to medium-sized restaurants to improve productivity and efficiency, the quality of service and ultimately increase revenue.

Let’s make the quality service be the brand of your restaurant! If you are starting up a restaurant or you want to accelerate the growth of your business, you definitely need this reputation to attract more customers! OrderPoint will be your best helping hand. Ordering and billing process are digitalized and simplified, then your restaurant crews will work easily and happily, at the same time, bring up more sales! Let's make it happen, now!

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OrderPoint an iPad POS for Restaurant
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Grants are available! For more information, please call 6337-0770 and Mr Darren Chen will assist you further.