With OrderPoint, everything works together just perfectly!

Digitalize Ordering, Kitchen display, mode of payment, wireles printing, detailed reporting and discount and promotion

You no longer have to worry about waiters messing up orders with OrderPoint !

How does the OrderPoint works!

OrderPoint allows automation and this helps to increase productivity in the restaurant.

On a usual restaurant business day, customer will be calling the waiters to take their order. Waiters could now easily do it with a click as the menu is in the system. The system could cater to any customer request, especially when customer have manual request for example, “no nut at all the order”. When restaurants customers have an option to choose their pasta for their spaghetti, it can be done with a click of a button.

Once order has been taken via the mini iPad, the orders will be automatically sent to the kitchen. All our OrderPoint iPad for restaurant software could cater for multiple kitchen. Chefs are able to see any customer special request. Waiters’ no longer need to dash to the kitchen to pass any special request that are being scribbled on paper. The kitchen display system also shows the table number and overdue time. This indication helps to ensures that customers will be getting their order at the right place at the right time.

When customer request for the bills, waiter no longer need to run to the cashier and get the receipt to be shown to the customer, waiters could just show the billing screen from their iPad. OrderPoints support all the existing payment method, so customer can choose their preferred payment method. With a Go Green initiative, customer could choose to send their e-receipt via their email. With customer e-mails in your control, you can use their emails to send weekly promotions to increase returning visitor.

At the end of the day, end-of-day report will be generated and managers are able to do the closing.



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