OrderPoint for Cafeteria
Giving quick service to your customer and make them happy by using our OrderPoint system. Give them the technology experience to place order efficiently and effectively.
OrderPoint Mobile
Suitable for quickbite stalls, coffeeshops & bubble tea stalls
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Build a strong profesional image and satisfy your customer’s
experience with our OrderPoint technology

Customizable Order System

Menus can be easily updated, customized and manipulated with new items, latest price or specific categories such as Hot, Chef Recommendation. Customer are to preview high quality images.

Service Call Function

We design service call functions to help waiters minimize overloaded task and arrange them more effeciently to be ordered and served at the same time with other dishes.

View Sales Report/History

Simply by clicking on transaction icon, the transaction history of the day will be displayed, sales information can be easily tracked! Easy to manage sales.

Kitchen Display System

Orders are sent automatically to the kitchen. The system helps to organize multiple order that are approaching simultaneously. Kitchen staff are able to view instantly which orders to cook first.

Streamlines Ordering Process

OrderPoint allows better communication between chef and waiter. Order will be sent to the kitchen automatically, without the intervention of any waiter during busy restaurant hours.


Let's go green with paperless biling!! With a digital receipt lands in a customer's inbox, you can create an opportunity to capture and send to the customer email.

How does the OrderPoint works!

OrderPoint allows automation and this helps to increase productivity in the restaurant.

Frequently asked questions

Orderpoint, iPad POS for Restaurant is a fully integrated system, which enables a Waiter Display System, Kitchen Display System and Server/ Runner Display. Orderpoint, iPad POS for Restaurant help to optimize any kitchen operation. 

List of features includes:

  • Sales and order tracking
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Time and attendance
  • Reservations and Waiting List
  • HQ Reporting

OrderPoint iPad POS for Restaurant is suitable for small to medium sized restaurant with multiple kitchen.

OrderPoint is an iPad wireless e-menu order system designed for restaurants. The interactive digital menus will replace the old paper menus used by waiters. With OrderPoint, your service crews are able to access all information in real-time. Kitchen staff are able to see the order status and inform waiters when the dish is done with a “press of button”.

The user-friendly system enables quick ordering, instant order transfer, billing and payment collection, anywhere in the restaurant. With OrderPoint, there will be no worries about high staff turnover, frequent human errors and customer complains on slow service.

As a reaturant owner, have you ever had a headache about short of helping hands in the outlets? Difficult to find the right service crew to bring up the quality of the service? Having problems between Kitchen and floor staff? Tired of doing messy paper work every day after closing? OrderPoint, a Singapore product, can help you solve all the problems and will never turn you down.

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