OrderPoint iPad POS for Restaurant

OrderPoint iPad POS for restaurant are fully integrated with waiter, kitchen and server display.



Efficiency is the key to successfully optimize any kitchen operation. Nothing is impossible with the new digital age.

  • Ability to view customer order status instantly
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through less waiting time
  • Cashier can cater for multiple tender type
  • Ability to display table layout which is customizable to the restaurant
  • Increase operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Leverage and reliable technologies


  • Sales and order tracking
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Time and attendance
  • Reservations and Waiting List
  • HQ Reporting
  • Waiter Display System
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Server/Running Display

eMenus are changing the way customer dine. With high resolution, interactive and personalized e-menus it enables customer to browse illustrative menus with mouth-watering and tastefully high quality food images.

OrderPoint POS for restaurants is another great way of taking table orders. OrderPoint has an interactive user interface to display the table layout which is customizable to your restaurant. With OrderPoint staff can even combine tables temporarily to accommodate your dynamic situation. With OrderPoint drag and drop order input, you will be sure that order are taken accurately for the first time. Waiters can easily use the iPad mini to take customers’ orders remotely and automatically sent it to the kitchen display station. Saving the hassle of waiters’ running back and forth to a distant terminal, because the terminal will always be with the waiter at all times. Customer are allergy to nuts? No problem, with OrderPoint POS for restaurants customized orders and special request can be recorded easily to the system.

Restaurateurs can now take the advantage to implement and improve company’s standard operating procedure by systemize up selling promotions to the customer at every order taking. This helps to improve the productivity and drives profits to the company.

The OrderPoint kitchen display system (KDS) introduces a clean-cut user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) which enables chefs to easily manage their day to day orders and operations. The Kitchen display is ideal for small to medium business with multiple kitchen station as the system has an automated and organized order queuing system that is running wirelessly, thereby eliminating any clutter in the kitchen. By abolishing the needs for papers, inks and printers you will be saving the cost and environment. While cutting cost restaurateurs will be able to generate more profits for your company’s bottom-line.

OrderPoint POS helps to smooth the operations with a customized and intuitive display for runners and server. Sometimes runners would bring customers their orders while waitress is still taking them. With this it double up the service standards and has a major effect on speeding table turns, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing average checks.